“As the Engineer for the Englewood Water District, I have completed many projects over the past 13 years with DMK. They have always been reliable and addressed all of our concerns in a timely manner. DMK is easy to work with and has always produced a high quality of design and followed through during permitting and construction.”

- Jarl "Jay" Linden, P.E.

“The engineering professionals at DMK Associates, Inc really know what they are doing when it comes to navigating the permitting process for a directional bore pipeline to a bridgeless barrier island. I have enjoyed and appreciated our working relationship over the past 20 years plus. Thank you for your expertise!”

- Jack Boyer, President, Little Gasparilla Island Water Utility

“We recommend, without reservation, that you consider DMK Associates, Inc. for your civil engineering/surveying projects. The School Board of Sarasota County has enjoyed a long and successful relationship with DMK. DMK has provided excellent service to the District on numerous school projects and we have been impressed with their professionalism and commitment to the needs of the District”

- Ernest F. DuBose, II, Project Manager

“DMK Associates always provides a quick and thorough response to requests, no matter how tight the deadline, and each of the projects have been completed on schedule and within budget. Whether it is a feasibility study, plan change, specification review, bathymetric survey, or staking a channel prior to construction, it seems that Sarasota County requests are made a priority. I look forward to a continued working relationship with DMK Associates.”

- Paul M. Semenec, Project Manager Sarasota County Capital Projects

“A demanding rehabilitation project was undertaken by the City of North Port Public Works Department and required specialized cope of work specifications, appropriate design prints and preparation of contractual documents for a successful bid award. During the design and implementation phase DMK Associates, Inc. placed professionalism, integrity and talent into every process involved, therefore providing a solution for meeting time certain milestones established in the project and confidence in receiving a quality finished product. The design team, approach, contract drawings & specifications receive complete satisfaction from all involved with this project and encourage you to receive the same level of professional services offered.”

- John Mills, Project Manager

“Stanley consultants recognizes DMK for their diligence and providing quality services, with special attention given to the project schedule. Their crews have gone above and beyond to coordinate with the contractor's surveyor and with the contractor's GIS staff to ensure all data taken during course of construction was agreed to at the time it was taken in the field, rather than waiting towards the end of the project, which is typically done. Stanley Consultants is very pleased and impressed with the performance of DMK's staff and we hope to have an opportunity to work together on future projects.”

- Alex Dargham, P.E., CGC, Project Principal

“Over the last several years, DMK Associates, Inc. has assisted the Town of Longboat Key Public Works Department in the design and construction management of five wastewater lift stations. The Project Manager is always accessible and very easy to work with. In fact, all of the DMK staff working on our projects have been professional, attentive and above all responsive to our needs. It is always a pleasure working with DMK.”

- Juan J. Florensa, Public Works Director

“Englewood Water District utilized DMK Associates to provide construction inspection services for two projects. We were extremely pleased with services provided. The "timely" questioning of the contractor before work was accomplished, ensured the contractor properly planned and prepared for the next construction activity. I have no reservation in recommending DMK as any owner's on-site representative during construction. The salary is a small price to pay to avoid claims, delays and poor workmanship.”

- Richard L. Rollo, P.E., Administrator

“Toledo Blade staff frequently receives glowing compliments about the quality of work completed on this project, and I wanted to pass this on to you. I was at awe at the wisdom and forethought presented by all the staff as I watched each phase unfold, and the campus transformation take place. The quality of workmanship is apparent throughout the buildings and all should be proud of the diligence, dedication and hard work put forward to make this project a success story that the parents, staff and students can share and enjoy for years to come.”

- Christopher T. Renouf, Principal 2006-2012

“DMK has been very responsive to the needs of Sarasota County Schools as we have sought to vacate a public roadway in the City of Sarasota. This project has require that DMK be responsive not only to the interests of the District but also the City as they have repeatedly inquired about additional information and further assessment. The reports, survey, and drawings have been thorough and complete. The written presentation has been well done and easily understood. The public presentation of findings has been complete and articulate. We have appreciated their willingness to adapt to the ever changing demands of this project in a timely and professional manner.”

- Kathie Ebaugh, Sarasota County Schools